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Dodge Cummins Pump Fuel Pin & Spring Kit | BD Diesel VE Pump Fuel Pin & Spring Kit | 1040178


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BD’s VE Pump Fuel Pin & Governor Spring (1040178 gives your 1988-1993 Cummins 5.9L powered Dodge truck a new lease on life. Not only does it give you increases of 30-40hp and 90-100 ft. lbs. of torque, but it also increases your power band by a whopping 30%! To top it off, these incredible increases are achieved with a fairly simple installation requiring minimal tools and approximately 2-3 hours of your time. You will not believe you are driving the same truck!


Made from high-quality Chromalloy steel, our pins are machined with a duel process that are first rough milled with a precision radius angle cut, heat treated to the 52 Rockwell hardness scale, then a final precision ground radius cut – this process overcomes wear patterns and resulting failure.

Included is our 3200 rpm governor spring to extend the engine rev range by and 700 rpm, a new low-profile spacer washer, and a new throttle shaft o-ring.



  • Dodge 1989-1993 5.9L Cummins



  • Increases Of 30-40 HP And 90-100 ft. lbs. Of Torque
  • Increases Power Band By A Whopping 30%!
  • Made From High-Quality Chromoly Steel
  • Pins Heat Treated To The 52 Rockwell Hardness Scale
  • Dual Machine Process Overcomes Wear Patterns And Resulting Failure
  • 3200 RPM Governor Spring Extends Engine Rev Range By 700 RPM
  • New Low-Profile Spacer Washer And New Throttle Shaft O-Ring


Instal Time:

  • 1hr 30mins

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