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The BD Engine Brakes enables your truck to navigate downhill grades and mountainous terrain easier and safer than using the vehicle’s conventional braking system.  This will increase the life of the stock foundation brakes and also prevent brake fade under severe grade driving.


The factory-approved backpressure provides the retarding horsepower to slow down the vehicle on even the steepest descents or just slowing down for a highway off ramp.


The exhaust flow is not restricted when the stainless butterfly is open in the large 4 casting that bolts into the exhaust system.


The kit is complete with a lighted toggle switch for mounting conveniently on the dash.  The brake releases as soon as the throttle is applied or the switch is flipped off.  As in other BD designs, the backpressure is self-regulating.  once the pressure reaches the DuraMax specification, the butterfly position changes to maintain the highest pressure possible.  This bariable orifice design offers far superior retarding performance throughout the engine RPM range compared to a fixed orifice design that only offers peak retarding performance at peak RMP.


The new Allison equipped GM DuraMax is designed to downshift once the tow/haul button is selected, which results in a Silent Retarding Force at all vehicle speeds.



  • 2001-2010 6.6L GM Duramax LB7/LLY/LBZ/LMM



  • BD’s exclusive Variable Orifice Technology
  • BD’s solid, offset butterfly
  • Spring loaded cylinder
  • Pressure regulation
  • Provides up to 150 retarding horsepower throughout the engine’s RPM range
  • Rugged, cast-iron housings
  • BD’s exclusive alumibronze bushing
  • Piston ring-seals
  • Stainless steel butterfly shaft
  • Proven to stand-up under the harsh, high heat conditions of the exhaust environment
  • All mounting hardware are made of corrosion resistant stainless steel
  • Air compressor included
  • Installation Manual

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