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Pacbrake Inline Mount PRXB Exhaust Brake | Ford Exhaust Brake | C40019


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PacBrakes flagship product, the PRXB(pressure regulated exhaust brake), is the unquestioned leader in the supplemental brake industry. The patented PRXB design delivers the strongest braking horsepower, greatest speed reductions and shortest stopping distances possible without the use of service brakes. it maintains optimum stopping performance by maximizing the exhaust backpressure throughout the entire RPM range. Unlike a typical exhaust brake, which requires high RPMs to work properly, the PRXB delivers constant exhaust pressure (braking) as early as 1200 RPM through to the maximum allowable RPM.


Controlled by a master ON/OFF switch, Pacbrakes exhaust brakes provide whisper quiet supplemental braking that allows service brakes to be used much less, ultimately saving you money. They have the ability to be left on all the time, making it ideal for in-city driving or for steep, downhill grades. This product pays for itself as less wear on the brake pads means fewer brake jobs.



  • 1999-2003 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke (Automatic)



  • PRXB Delivers Strongest Braking Horsepower
  • Less Wear and Tear On Service Brakes
  • Ideal For In-City Driving Or Steep, Downhill Grades


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