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Reduce friction and wear in your engine with XDP’s X-Factor High-Performance Oil Additive XD275, the best thing to happen to oil since the filter! X-Factor is a 100% synthetic friction reducer that is engineered to decrease engine wear, reduce noise and vibration, improve engine efficiency, and also clean and protect internal surfaces of your engine from corrosion, rust, and sludge. Intended for use on all Diesel and Gasoline engines, X-Factor is compatible with both conventional and synthetic engine oils.

X-Factor utilizes nano perticles to achieve superior wear reduction by filling in microscopic irregularities on your engines internal surfaces. This unique blend reduces engine wear, improves fuel economy, increases power, and reduces oil operating temperatures. On the 6.0L Powerstroke engines, X-Factor eliminates stiction and restores your failing HEUI injectors. Add XDP’s X-Factor High Performance Oil Additive toyour Engine Oil, Powr Steering Fluid, Hydraulic System Fluid, and Differential Oil to protect the vital components of your vehicle.


For All Diesel Engines, 8 Oz. Bottle (Treats 5 Quarts)


  • Protects & Cleans Internal Engines Surfaces
  • Restores Lost Power & Compression
  • Improves Engine Performance
  • Restores Failing HEUI Injectors
  • For Synthetic & Conventional Oils
  • For All Gas & Diesel Engnes


Add 1.5 oz For Every 1 qt of Oil – Universal (6.0L Powerstroke – 2 oz. For Every 1 qt of Oil)

Recommeneded one treatment of X-Factr with every fresh oil change. One bottle treats up to 5 quarts of oil. An average truck with 15 quarts of oil will take 3 bottles.


Not for use in Air Conditioning, Aircraft, Brakes, or Automatic Transmisson Fluid.


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