Our company holds great pride in presenting our customers with the best of both worlds when it comes to performance in the diesel industry whether its exhaust, fuel systems, suspension, enhancement chips, and many others parts and modifications your heart so desires for your truck. Just a click away from endless modifications and performance enhancing parts on your truck. Do you have any questions? We’re just a call or email away. 




Adding an aftermarket fuel system to your vehicle helps eliminates water, air and vapor contaminates from the fuel being pulled from the fuel tank before it enters the injection pump.  Aftermarket lift pumps do a great job marking sure diesel fuel is free of any air or vapor.



Having a clutch that preforms the way you want, no matter the stress and wear, is critical. We provide a variety of choices so you can dial in the best fit that will satisfy the drive. Whether it is for your work vehicle or that weekend toy, We provided options so you can get the biggest bang for your buck.



Adding a programmable tuner to you vehicle helps with monitoring turbo boost pressure, coolant temperatures, engine RPMs, airflow and fuel rail pressure.  Using a tuner with your vehicle will also allow you balance parameters by changing the electronic tuning characteristics of the engine to allow better optimized performance.



Having an assortment of gauges on your dash that are practical is key. And with no problem we are here to help you find the right one(s). We can supply you gauges as a cluster or just as a single with matching correspondents. Our supply of gauges consist of Pyrometers (“Exhaust Temperature Gauge” ETG), Turbo Boost Gauges, Transmission Temperature Gauges, and Fuel Pressure Gauges.

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An aftermarket high-flow exhaust system can better evacuate gasses from the cylinders reduce back pressure. This allows a higher volume of fuel in the cylinder and results in improved horsepower and torque. Another benefit is that exhaust gas temperatures are lower, which can help extend the life of your engine. And of course, there’s the improved sound of a high-flow system.

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 Cold air intake delivers denser air to the engine. This provides more oxygen for better combustion and more power. It’s like putting a super lung on your engine to improve performance compared to stock essentials from the factory.




Whether you are adding a new turbo or replacing your stock turbo, we have you covered. Installing a performance turbo can aide in releasing the potential in your engine and getting that improved performance. A performance turbo increases airflow efficiency and horsepower and provides increased dependability and reliability compared to a stock turbo.


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The Suspension system is one of the most important components to your vehicle.  Adding after market suspension componets can help you achieve a better ride for your vehicle.  This includes springs, linkages, and shock absorbers.  

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